What is Eco-Agriculture ?
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Low-Cost High-Yield Agriculture Soilless

Ladder-type system with a floating strawberry breeding studies in farming the respected plastic, resulting in trials successfully and to increase the use of this system started to work on high-yield.

Normally, anywhere in Turkey, and 5 in a 4 thousand 500 thousand to 500 seedlings per hectare ekilirken, we have acres here, 32 thousand seedlings per hectare sowing, "said respected, implemented the system as landless agricultural land is used instead of peat, Perlite and Vermiculite use, as well as an in Coconut fibers and an organic material obtained from the application of the kokopit they said.

Sudan and fertilizer savings !

Landless agricultural ladder-type system is applied to provide information about Adnan respected, the shape of the system for the study, said: "In the system, giving water to plants and plants with drip irrigation, the use of our water needs.

View the drainage pipe is not to be in the main unit is sending back. The goal here, stay in the water and plant roots, soil moisture content and the rise in open the way to root rot. Manure in the same way, plant, according to our need to use fertilizer. More drainage to the main unit, then after passing the filter, the plant is back again. "

20 UV-layered drainage system, pipes are used, ie resistant to sunlight that inform the respected, to prevent accumulation of water in the soil and organic material, and the water cleared the main pool filter system, he said.

This ladder-type system is set up with 10 acres of greenhouse, 2 acres 2 acres of greenhouse crops can be taken by establishing 12 acres, "said respected, 300-400 grams of a product can be taken terrain normal seedlings, seedlings in this system 500-850 grams of a product can be taken noted.




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