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Advantages of soilless agriculture

* Landless agriculture, to leave off the land, soil processing, washing, disinfection does not need such costly and labor-intensive processes.

* Agricultural production as a whole, take place outside of agricultural areas, for example, houses, balconies and terraces can be realized.

* Grounded in agriculture lands that did not work because of different physical and chemical structures of uniform production, landless agriculture, soil conditions, except that performed for the arranged in the desired manner.

* First, the plant is not suitable for the growth of the barren, stony, salty, shallow areas of the desert and moved on.

* This method is also given as the production of nutrients dissolved in water, nor how organic chemical fertilization is not necessary.

* Landless agricultural fertilizers, the nutrients that the plant is used in a more efficient and more economical.

* Grounded to the use of plant nutrients more efficiently spent on agriculture is less than. Grounded in agriculture in the wash, the lower layers of soil by infiltration and the resulting loss of retention in this system is not in question.

* Fertilization environment of the root as a homogeneous distribution of nutrients in question.

* Taken from plants grown in hydroponic culture method, product, given enough nutrients necessary for the more delicious.

* Adjusted doses of the nutrients to the plants can be kept in a vegetative or generative phase.

* Salty irrigation water can be used. Good-quality irrigation waters have been mixed to a certain extent, salt water is available.

* Infiltration, water for bathing and reduced economic losses resulting from evaporation is provided.

* Soilless culture is suitable to automation. Irrigation, fertilization by automating labor economics is provided.

* Root environment of soilless agriculture pH, salinity, nutrient balance, and adjustable air-water ratio in a healthy manner.

* Grounded in agriculture due to lack of potassium and calcium encountered in obtaining the fruit is soft and hollow. Received a very plump fruit and firm.

* Some landless agricultural greenhouse applications do not need to raise the relative humidity as well. Therefore, take precautions to increase the relative humidity, no need to establish order.

* Soil borne diseases and pests, weeds and ceases to be a problem. Sterilization is required if drug spending is too low.

* Landless agriculture, human health is always possible to get a clean product.

* Soil borne pest and disease problems is much less than the amount of pesticide used in the fall. This is to reduce spending and production is of great importance both in terms of obtaining a clean product.

* There is a chance to start a new one within a few days after production.

* That the number of plants per unit area increased. Grounded in agriculture soil and plant factors affecting the frequency of light. Where there is a problem off the light frequently out of soil for planting can be done.

* Landless agricultural eliminates the necessity of rotation.

* Yield is higher. For example, tomatoes from 15 to 75 tons in a yükseltilebilmiştir.

* Landless agricultural yield increases with increasing technical equipment.

* Landless agricultural practices leads to the increase in yield. This form of agriculture to be higher than the underlying real-fed agriculture to yield ground. Because the aim of landless agricultural supply much more conscious that the plant and the amount and form of macro and micro plant nutrients, in daily doses to provide the service.

* Soil sample with different nutrient solisyonundan is much easier to get. Soilless culture is reflected in this case as an advantage. An example of an easy and fast because of the necessary corrections be made more quickly by providing nutrition in plants stud on the province makes it possible to quickly corrected.

* Landless agricultural producers in many other aspect of an alternative offer. Soilless culture of vegetables on the type of manufacturer, the greenhouse benefit the state by looking at the vertical and horizontal solid media culture, such as culture and the culture of curved surfaces, or you can select one of the water culture.



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