What is Eco-Agriculture ?
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What is Eco-Agriculture ?

International Society of Soilless Agriculture (ISOSC - The International Society for Soilless Culture) is as follows: the roots of aquatic plants in nutrient solution is not fully supported training of inorganic environments. Landless agriculture: All kinds of agricultural production is stagnant or flowing nutrient infusions, the mist of nutrient solution and fed with nutrient solutions perform a solid environment.

Infusions of nutrients directly to the realization of the production of water culture (hydroponics), provided that irrigation is done with nutrient solutions perlite, sand, rock wool, gravel, wood chips such as the environment is called the realization of solid culture media. The purpose of soilless culture, nutrient solution with the help of plants to ensure the development of plants in nutrient and water requirements without stress is to meet the expenses and it is not exaggerated.r.

Hygienic and tasty products, raising more than possibility, fertilizing, spraying, do not require excessive watering factors such as the landless in agriculture, especially medicinal plants and traditional vegetables and tubers do not contain sensitive to green than the minimum level of health and disease levels yetiştirilebiliyor downloaded.

Although much too early yet in this application in Turkey. Many investors in Turkey, is watching developments with great interest, but the remote. All over Turkey, the focus of attention of entrepreneurs from all sectors of agricultural soil, the soil provides five times more efficiently than the next period, a candidate to be one of the most lucrative jobs. One of the reasons that interest.

These hormones and drugs used in agriculture. Therefore, residue-free products are grown without soil in greenhouses and find buyers at high prices, is driving the traditional seracıları. Despite the high price of the product in the marketing sector representatives stating that no hardship has been withdrawn, the domestic market and exports as well as the receiver is constantly says.



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