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Union, without the manufacturer's crop tool to sell directly to supermarket chains, Migros and Carrefour leading shook hands with.

By the last meeting on the topic of agricultural products involved in the project which will be determined individually. Accordingly, in cases of farmers and middlemen by disabling the product delivered directly to the two branches of the market in Turkey. Find out why the new system for delivery of cost reductions are expected as a reflection. Union officials have begun to create a system that transfers the cold chain, warehouse stores to package products announced


Rize, tea waste, tea waste landless agricultural studies initiated to evaluate the micro-greenhouses, cucumbers and tomatoes in producing successful results were obtained.

Agriculture Manager Adam Hammer of Rize Province, in the Black Sea region of large amounts of tea waste, organic waste, such as hazelnut husk peat soil in agriculture, such as river sand and farmyard manure burned easily with some additional media kullanılabileceğinin being put in a lot of research, he said.

Rize, agricultural land constitutes a large portion of the tea plant, tea is considered a great waste of potential, and then come out indicating that the processing of Hammer, "However, in general, these wastes are disposed of by biriktirilmek embark or garden edges," he said.

Hammer, soilless culture, cultivation of the waste, the production of vegetables by using the expression, seeing on the possibility of evaluation, said:

"In this context, Turkey initiated studies in collaboration with the Foundation for Waste Reduction, 5 units of micro greenhouse trial was established in our province. Then ÇAYKUR'dan tea waste were provided to be used as solid media. In the study in terms of disease and pests to be clean, so fresh tea waste was used because it can result in a healthy environment. Each bag, 1 cucumber and tomato seedlings to be planted. Micro greenhouse tomato and cucumber production is still ongoing. After the end of harvest is completely re-planned to be used by existing sacks media medicated"


R & D activities and 84 patents have recognized the importance it attaches Design Group, have launched a campaign within the framework of the projects added a new one. Design Group, thanks to advanced optimization achieved by forcing the limits of engineering, developed in the greenhouse environment, 'Miracle' project in the future due to global warming, drought and hunger in the world agricultural policies and the new horizons that could relieve against humanity has developed a system.

Essential to use less water

Thanks to Miracle, any tomato seeds are sold everywhere, all-natural conditions, no hormone use more efficiency, less labor, better working conditions; grounded acres from an agricultural product rather than 10 tons of product can be 80 tons per acre.

Design Group Chairman Ibrahim Mirmahmutoğulları agricultural technologies, a revolutionary project, which said: "This technology is expanding thanks to seeds in water. Water puts out roots in the seed to grow, establishing a special flow system. This system, Design Group as a result of the ongoing work performed by engineers for many years. Seedling seed, seedling into the product process, what goes on in the most subtle to the point of all, no detail atlanılmaksızın, is being optimized. Everything needs a seed given to him. All the factors that prevent the development of the seed is being eliminated. In fact, the seed is the essence of what is appropriate, the genetic potential of seed çıkartıyoruz disclosure. "

Mirmahmutoğulları also said: "We have tried to describe duyabileceklerini need 50 different titles of the plant and we continue to work. Maybe 100, maybe more titles can perform optimization, we believe can get much higher yields. A significant portion of humanity today, led by hunger, we are a very important responsibilities in R & D companies have fallen. Thanks to this project in any soil with less water by taking the most out of any piece of geography, of humanity trying to solve the problem of hunger.


Celal Bayar University School of Saruhanli Deputy Director, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Technology Education Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Zeki Hepçimen, the soil fatigue, in terms of preventing soil erosion and salinisation of great importance for the future of farming the land said.

Fertile soil is the main problem in our country to express kullanmamasının Hepçimen, "our country does not have an agricultural policy and plans for the future of the land due to lack of the most important national wealth, is becoming increasingly inefficient. For this reason, landless production is gaining importance. In addition to traditional agricultural processing models of land, fertilizers and drugs used disproportionate and reckless goes hand. In this regard, both organic and landless agricultural projects to protect the value of our land, but also will increase. Healthy food production and consumption will be so, "he said.





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