What is Eco-Agriculture ?
Information Form

* How much space is enough for Ecological Agriculture ?

The manufacturer is a condition in which areas of interest with the production will also directly related to the production yapıalcak location of the land. Üretciye gerekeli making calculations presented during the Project.

* What is also required land area of production except ?

For example, a greenhouse built on 5 acres of land for the center must be up to 6-7 acres.

* How the structure of agricultural land must be suitable for soilless ?

Landless agricultural land for the purpose by the land unsuitable for agriculture production has not been suitable seçilemsi, a bond with the existing soil on the land is in need olmayacağıondan. Land should be smooth, very steep, rocky and forested areas seçilmemlidir.

* How is Design phase ?

The decision applies to us in accordance with the manufacturer to compile the data to debug the project team will be installed in production le değerlendirlip the manufacturer's plans to land in accordance with the budget taking into consideration the circumstances presented



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